Friday, 10 August 2012

Revlon Colorstay Foundation REVIEW

Hey beauties,
Tonight ill be doing a review on Revlon Colorstay Foundation, I've been planning on doing this forages!

I have the orignal colorstay in Combo/oily in the colour buff - i'am NW20 in MAC and buff is quite yellow toned but i prefer it cause it doesn't oxide orange.

Just to give you an idea of colour (Got this of google)
Ivory: NW 15 lightest of the bunch
Buff: NC20 best match for fair NCs
Sand Beige: NC20-25 with somewhat neutral undertones
Nude: NC25 with peachy undertones, definitely not for pinks or true golden
Natural Beige: NW20 tends to run pink
Medium Beige: NC27 between Sand Beige and Golden Beige
Fresh Beige: NW25 with pinky undertones
Golden Beige: NC30 with truest yellow/olive undertones
Warm Golden: NW30/NC30 with somewhat neutral undertones
True Beige: NW30 with pinky undertones (for Fresh Beige in summer)
Natural Tan: NC40/NC42 more neutral than golden caramel
Early Tan: NW35 with somewhat peach undertones
Rich Tan: NW35 with pinkish undertones
Golden Caramel: NC40/NC42 more golden than natural tan
Toast: NW43/NC45 with neutral undertones
Rich Ginger: NW45 very peachy-pink
Caramel: NC45 seems to run true to color
Cappucino: NC50 slightly more peach than Caramel
Mahogany: NW50/NC55 the darkest of NWs but not extremely peachy
Mocha: NW55 seems to be very cool toned, almost grey undertone

For a start this foundation is so expensive! 36 dollars a pop is just not going to be in my budget all the time, this made me a bit spectacle about buying it at first, but i got it on special and you can mostly get it on special which is good.

I find this this give a medium - full coverage, is quite a think consist but i find if :
1. place a blob or what you need on a back of a lid or something plastic ( Eg. Rimmel matte Lid)
2. Then blow on it so it spreads.
3. dip your brush in it and it is a thinner consist i feel

This product does cover most of my blemishes and quite a bit of redness

I cant recommend this product enough, i actually love it and i can defaintly noticest that my makeup isnt the best when i dont use this! 

I have tried the Revlon Creme makeup, even though it blend a bit better (orignal drys quicker) i prefer the original one, just lasts longer and better coverage.


Over and out