Saturday, 24 March 2012


As I was waiting for my boyfriend to come over, I told my self that I couldn't be bothered doing my hair and makeup, and he's seen me a million times for him not to care (not like where going out or anything) but still I like to make an effort but in this case I really couldn't be bothered. 10 mins Before he came, I said to my self I can't not wear makeup I have to cover up this Horrific Pimple (mountain) on the side of my neck. So I did, I was only planing to wearing minimal, which i did.  Firstly I put on superlongstay Concealer By Maybelline on the face since me and my studio sculpt concealer  aren't friends anymore and I'am saving my Prolongwear for special occasions as its running low. I will do a review on super-stay concealer but as of now it's a great drug store concealer and I defiantly compare it to M.A.C prolong but that might just bit a tad better, Anyway getting back to the point after that I then applied M.A.C Studio Fix powder as it is a very full coverage foundation Powder, now this is 2nd time this month that I've tried to wear this, and its just to blotchy for me now so I decided to do a review between that and the Rimmel stay matte as I feel there very similar but the Rimmel one doesn't make my skin blotchy.

I remember that studio fix powder was defiantly one of my first purchase and I used to live buy it, but now I have a new love for Mineralise skinfinsh Natural and Rimmel stay matte.
The first time I tried wearing this Studio Fix powder was on Friday when I had school as I have a whole bunch I have to get rid of, I wear it with my normal skincare and my normal Foundation (Prolongwear) and  put it on with the round top kabuki by Sigma, after I had applied it, made my under eyes go on blotchy and it sunk into my fine lines and creased, at this point I was late for school and I couldn't do anything about it which really annoyed me.

2nd time using it was obviously tonight where, I just slapped on concealer and put this straight over the top, it could be tonight that it was blotchy cause I didn't put a primer on and thats why it gathered in my dry areas, but still I used primer the last time and it still did the same thing?
This has defiantly reinforced me that I'am Defiantly not going to be repurchasing any of the studio line at MAC in the near future.

Rimmel Stay Matte now I know heaps of youtube/beauty guru's out there that recommend this stuff like there's no tomorrow, and I remember there was rumour going around that they were going to discontinue this but clearly they didn't and everyone and there dog was going out and buying back ups of this stuff, lucky for me I'am a googleholic and I google everything haha.

Even though this product is name is "translucent stay matte"  its still very buildable to a full coverage powder like the studio fix and I feel like this is my skin shade even though its meant to be "translucent".
There really isn't much I can say about the rimmel stay matte apart from that it can be quite chalky on the face.

I do believe these products are very similiar and for $12.95 (Rimmel Stay Matte) I don't think that there is much different between the products.

Repurchase Rimmel Stay Matte? - Already did
Repurchase  MAC studio Fix? - NO!

Thankyou Cutiesssss

Over and out