Sunday, 11 March 2012


Yes, you read right I did take another little trip to M.A.C but this time, it was for a good reason.. as you know it was my ball and I got my make up done there at M.A.C, But the cool thing about it getting your makeup done there, is that you get $95 worth of free products.. well thats what you would like to think, but actually cause to get your makeup done there is $95 then your actually get your makeup free.. is that confusing? I hope not.

So, anyway getting back on track I decided to spend my $95 dollars on these products Prep and Prime Lip, Embrace me lipliner (Limited Edition), Blankety, and Enchantée me (Limited Edition), I was Expecting to spend the rest of my money on my gift cards but my M.A.C didn't have anything of the Lipsticks I wanted which I was really disappointed.

I'am going to review also the products from my last blog, just because I didn't then and I want to make this sort of a collective haul so here they are.

Left to Right : (Lipstick) Blankety, Girl about town, Morange
Matte Primer, Prep & Prime Lip, Entertain me, Embrace Me & Enchantée Me.
Blankety: Blankety is a Brownish with Pink undertones but more on the nude side it is amplified so it is creamy, I don't no if I've love this one yet ill have to try and work it for me.

Girl About Town: This Amplified shade I love its bright fuchsia colour, this colour really applies on my lips really well compared to Blankety, even though it still has that Cream texture.

Morange: Another Amplified shade (can you tell I'm obsessed?) this one have to go with the same expectation of blackly doesn't sit on my lips very nice, leaving the lines very noticeable, It's a loudmouth Neon orange and great for any collection I think, cause everyone should have a bright orange in there collection.

Matte Primer: Now I'am not going to say to much about this product as I'am Doing a full Review on it, But all I have to say is that its a DEFINITELY must have for any M.A.C lover, this primer is just amazing leaving your face so silky, I defiantly will keep repurchasing it forever!

Prep & Prime Lip: This is basically just primer for your lips which is meant to help with reducing the amount of lines and increasing the life of your lipstick, I don't really have much to comment on this product yet as it is fairly new to my collection but I shall keep you up to date.

Entertain me: This is just a creamy lip liner pencil in a beautiful shade as id like to say Morange, it is limited Edition, So I would Rush down there quick!

Embrace me: This is also limited edition, its a beautiful Hot pink, which I just could not pass up.

Enchantée: This is a kissable lip colour, it is very creamy on the lips and its a baby pink colour I can't review it just yet because it's only new to my collection once again but I feel like you don't get enough on the applicator to apply enough, other then that is amazing.
First Downwards Row: Blankety, Girls About Town, Morange
Second Downwards Row: Enchantée, Embrace me, Entertain me
Above is some swatches of the colours, please not and sorry I do have Fake tan on and there was a flash used with this picture.
Overall, I'am Very excited to have got heaps of new M.A.C products, and I hope you liked this Haul

Over and out 
DISCLAIMER : All were purchased by my self, and I'am not sponsored to M.A.C.. I wish