Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday night... LIVE

you guys would be happy to know that my PROM/BALL blog is under way except sorry it hasn't been released due to there is much more information then i thought and more things to cover, but Iam defiantly half way there hopefully fingers cross that it will be ready by Monday (yn).

You guys will also be happy to know that i film another video.. but... the light was Horrific sooo that went straight into the trash, i think I'am just going to film my videos in unnatural light as it just seems filming in natural light is just not working for me.

Tommrow being sunday i have work.. which is infact a good think as i need some money to buy me a faux fur coat hehehe.

So yes i hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend mines been very look key, which isn't that much fun wah.

Have a good rest of the evening bella's.

Over and out