Sunday, 8 April 2012


I hope everyone had a lovely fun field ester weekend and everyone stayed safe:)
Below is everything I got for easter, now the reason I get presents for easter is that I'am not much of a chocolate eater and I think also my family feels guilty for giving chocolate that it kinda is a waste of money and doesn't mean anything really cause in my household we just keep them for ages and they last till next easter haha.
p.s Not bragging or anything just wanted to share my exciting goodies:)

Kate Hill bag, Clarins Products, chocolate

Kate Hill, Shoulder bag ( Kind of like the channel dupe)
P.S I'll show you more in my haul I'll be doing 
 First up this bag, Oh my gosh on saturday my mummy and I took a trip to an "outlet" shopping mall centre thing, and the funny thing about it was I wasn't even looking for a bag! but I had been looking for EVER for a bag like the channel one with the chain handles and everything.. but had no luck and had to settle with the bag I bought ages ago which of course I still love! But I just can't get over how much you can fit in this bag its actually amazing!! It cost me $49.95 from $79.95 which I thought it was a great bargain!!
Pattern inside

Everything it came with

Now my grandma being the cutie she is new I wanted the beauty flash balm after asking if she used it once, she then decided to get it for me for easter which was lovely of her and it GREAT! that she got it with the gift with purchase, sadly but the GWP is  only for dry skin which I find a little unusual but I can still use some of the products as I do get a dry spell on my face!  But after seeing all these products it makes me want to try more clarins products as they are and look just so beautiful.. too bad about the price.

Like I said before my Grandma new I had wanted to try the beauty flash balm for ages, and she got it for me as a gift which I think was really sweet of her. I can't wait to try this out as a lot of beauty guru's have used this product many of times.

Hope you got some yummy treats

Over and out